PM Rota

PM Rota is a cloud based platform for running internal staff banks, and is used to fill vacancies identified in shifts, easily and efficiently. Ideal for businesses in health care, hospitality and leisure. 


Accessible from anywhere, PM Rota gives control to administrators to efficiently manage their teams and fill vacancies. The system comprises of two parts - PM Rota and Zebra Connect.

PM Rota

Role based rostering software makes shift management simple

Management who are responsible for compiling the rota for role based shifts, have the option to create and manage roles in the system, such as manager, supervisor or trainee to assign their staff to. These roles are then used when creating shifts so that the system can filter the correct staff for the job.

Rota managers have access to a shift calendar that gives them a full overview of upcoming shifts allowing them to see shifts that require attention at a glance.

Zebra Staff Management calendar
Key features:
  • Qualification and role management
  • Centralised personnel records
  • Create qualification based courses for training
  • Web based access from anywhere
  • Integrated staff leave - know who's available and when
  • Multi-view rota calendar provides simple shift overview
  • Integration with Zebra Connect

Zebra Connect

Shift broadcasting has never been easier

Zebra connect users can set-up shifts broadcasts to send to staff via a web portal, directly to their mobile phones. Once staff have the Zebra app installed, they can receive and respond to notifications about any shift openings suitable to them.

Zebra Connect is ideal for staff pool situations where staff members are urgently needed to fill a vacant position. For example, if a health care provider urgently needs staff members for a shift, it can be broadcast to available staff who perform that role. This works for any industry with role based shift work such as;

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Social Work
  • Healthcare
  • Call Centers
  • Recruitment agencies
Zebra Staff Management devices

The mobile application also provides staff members a full overview of their shifts past and present, making it easier to see where they need to be and when at any time.

Key features:
  • iOS and Android compatible apps
  • Easy access to staff rota
  • Rapidly fill vacant positions
  • Institute specific pay bands
  • Increased productivity
  • Access from anywhere

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