PMIT specialise in the development of


for mobile working.

PM Rota is a

cloud based rota platform.

Ideal for businesses in health care, hospitality and leisure.

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DeliveryDesk offers your business all the features needed to operate a successful

delivery and collection service.

The software is integrated with mobile and tablet applications which are available for both employees and customers.


Our application for

engineering, testing and fitting

offers businesses in the field a way to manage their operations from anywhere in the world.

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Our Partners

Where requirements cannot be wholly satisfied with PMITS’s own applications and staff, we provide a consultancy service to help control solutions provided by our partners or other sources.

This level of overall advice and control is becoming increasingly important as solutions share the same platform of internal or cloud based IT structures and there can be conflicts which reduce performance unless a company’s IT resources are viewed as one integrated service.

What can we do for you?

Years of experience helps us to provide the most effective solutions to complex requirements. Our robust team of engineers and programmers have a wide set of skills, helping us to tackle any issues our customers face.

About Us

Based in Wirral, PM IT Systems Ltd has over 40 years' experience of providing computer based solutions for small and medium size enterprises in The North West and throughout the UK.

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