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PM Hub

PM Hub is a suite of applications developed by PM IT Systems to act as a bridge between multiple systems and enable the automatic transference of data between them.

This is useful for companies using disparate systems that are unable to communicate directly.

A 'master' system can be designated, from which data is delivered to the other systems. This avoids duplication of data, miscoding and other such errors that could occur if all this were to be manually maintained. 

Pm Hub

Key features of PM Hub include;

  • Seamless transportation of data between systems
  • Eliminates the potential for human error
  • HMRC compliant

Making Tax Digital

As discussed above, PM Hub enables automatic digital data transference, which originally was just useful for reasons of speed and accuracy.

Now with HMRC's new rules on Making tax Digital, financial data generated in one system should be imported without changes into the software that reports to HMRC, and must not be manually re-entered.



While originally designed to work with Pegasus Opera, other modules have been integrated to communicate as a whole. New modules can be created to work with any system, as it is flexible.

A log of transactions imported into Pegasus Opera from a third party system.
A list of scheduled tasks moving data between systems over the course of a day, using PM Hub.

Advanced Sales Order Imports (ASO)

PM IT created FWOP (FreeWay to OPera) to communicate between Opera and OpenText Freeway EDI. This gives users more control when importing orders and it handles the creation of Sales Order Acknowledgements and Advance Shipping Notifications.

The standard FWOP import pulls incoming orders straight to Opera without human intervention, to allow finer control the ASO option brings the EDI order into a holding area where details can be edited. This can be done within the module itself or through exporting to an excel sheet then re-importing to Opera.

Advance Shipping Notifications (ASN) 

Warehouse staff can build a record of which products are loaded onto pallets, produce labels with barcodes and send ASN details to the receiving organisation.

  • One or more orders can be added to the same shipment
  • Line quantities can be set and assigned to individual pallets
  • Line quantities can be split across pallets

When this is completed, the ASN is generated and the FWOP module transmits it to the trading partner.

Our FWOP module is in use in many companies across the country, and is particularly poplar due to the potential it offers regarding customisation. If you need to know more contact us on 0151 678 1387 and we would be glad to talk through your requirements.

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