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DMH Tyres supply, fit and repair tyres throughout Wales and North West England. They soon outgrew their paper based management system.

Not Enough Hours In the Day

As a business grows, often employee’s work becomes more stretched as often there is more to do with the same amount of time and resources. This is especially true when it comes to job management and financial tasks as manual processes quickly become time-consuming and outdated.

Organisations that want to keep detailed records must realise when the cost of daily financial administrative duties outweighs the cost of putting real systems into place. This was what led DMH Tyres into investigating ways in which to improve their current business processes

After analysing DMH Tyres' business process, we knew immediately that there were areas that could be significantly improved. Paper based job sheets, back and forth calls between tyre fitters and the office as well as lots of duplicate data entry were just some of the time consuming tasks the office staff were doing on a daily basis.

On The Right Track

Our solution for DMH's woes was a lightweight web based management system for the office staff to control jobs through, combined with an android based application for their fitters out in the field to record their job information. In between these two interfaces sits a REST based web API service that relies on Azure notifications to communicate messages, as well as provide a data access point to the mobile android application.

The office staff now have access to their job management system from anywhere in the world and have an easy overview of all of their work for the day, making their job easier and faster.

Fitters have each been equipped with a new android mobile each, loaded with the fitter application, providing them with a clear overview of their jobs for the day as well as real-time updating of the main job system.

What can we do for you?

Years of experience helps us to provide the most effective solutions to complex requirements. Our robust team of engineers and programmers have a wide set of skills, helping us to tackle any issues our customers face.

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