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AWP Marine Ltd. are an industry leading maritime company specialising in vessel inspections, marine consultancy and training.

Exactly What You Need

As businesses grow, they tend to find it more and more difficult to keep control of their business without adapting the way they manage their business processes. This is the reason AWP Marine approached PM IT Systems and the reason we have built several bespoke job management systems in the past. Every company is unique and therefore the way they do business is usually unique to them. We worked very closely with AWP to learn about their organisation and business processes, so that we could tailor their web-based job management system to their business model.

The web application we created for AWP provided them with a way to manage their jobs, from taking initial requests from shipping companies, to recording inspectors expenses and timesheets and even generating invoices for their inspectors and clients. A full administration section gave them full control over system entities and a reporting section allowed them to generate PDF reports based on the system data.

Continually Evolving

Being able to create a management system from scratch provides huge benefits to a client, as the system is tailored exactly to their needs, as well as having full control over the development. This level of control means that they are able to make whatever new changes they require as the business and system grows.

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For AWP, this meant more and more statistical analysis about the information they were generating from their jobs. Rather than rely on PDF reporting for their data, AWP wanted to take this further and have dynamic reporting in the form of a statistical section built into the application. This new module provided dynamic data as well as providing a mechanism for AWP to fine-tune their data analysis. This was specifically important for AWP as it allowed them to rigorously monitor their key performance indicators and ensure that the business was improving over time, providing them with the data they needed to get even more contracts.

More Control, More Rewards

The AWP Marine case study shows how a bespoke management system provides a company with flexibility to change, high levels of control over their business processes and a platform for further development meaning that your applications grow with the business. Being web based meant for AWP that they could also provide a point of access for their inspectors to quickly enter their job information wherever they were in the world when performing their inspections.


Recently AWP Marine were interested in a new feature for their web app. In order to stay ahead of the current market, they wanted a data-driven review process for their inspectors to ensure they were operating at the highest level. They gave us their requirements of what they wanted to be able to analyse and we got to work on making this possible.

With the new inspector reviews tab, AWP can ascertain all of the times and statistics related to the inspectors, including response times, inspection length, report turnaround times, invoice submission time, to ensure high standards are met. As it is all digitised, any key performance indicators that are found to be outside of the acceptable performance range can be addressed immediately. The ability to monitor performance allows AWP to see which areas of the business are thriving and which areas need to be improved upon; in this way they are able to tailor training towards any weaknesses.

Bespoke modules such as these are available with our applications which allow for creative input from you for your business. Using DNN, the open-source CMS platform that this website is built upon, PMITS can create completely unique modules tailored specifically to your businesses needs in order to achieve maximum productivity by streamlining your business practices.

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Years of experience helps us to provide the most effective solutions to complex requirements. Our robust team of engineers and programmers have a wide set of skills, helping us to tackle any issues our customers face.

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