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PM IT Systems have created Job Desk. Within Job Desk there are various applications which are specialised for particular industries.

These applications serve as powerful job management tools which provide businesses in the field a way to manage their operations from anywhere in the world.

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First we sit down with you and work together to tweak our existing applications to fit your business model. Then we install your application which connects stationary staff and mobile workers through a central hub, dealing with job requests all the way through to the final invoice. The basic format for these applications is such that when you open the app, an overview of the jobs, orders and invoices are presented in order for office based staff to delegate requests/jobs.

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PM IT Systems can create this interface specifically for your business and train staff on how to use it and we are available for support calls 9-5 Monday-Friday.

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We offer ongoing support and onsite visits to ensure any problems are resolved. Our apps are constantly being developed and we will keep them up to date with the latest security and functionality so they function on the latest software when upgrades occur on Windows/Android/IOS.

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A key feature is the link that the dashboard has with tablet applications. For any business which wants to maximise efficiency and profits, reducing paperwork and centralising data is key to success. Our job management apps provide exactly that. Onsite engineers, deliveries, collectors and repair personnel have a vast amount of paperwork to collect and it can be easy for things to go missing or not be accounted for.

With our tablet application, each step has to be entered and is immediately saved and transferred your business’s HQ. This ensures all the necessary information is gathered, in a time saving manner. For example, you may need photographs as evidence of complete jobs; these can be taken onsite and attached directly to the job's file, allowing anyone to view these at any time.

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Our servers are fully secure and offer a large capacity of backed up information for all your data. This ensures all your information is secure and compliant with laws regarding data and is backed up off site in case of a problem.


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With an easy to use sleek interface and handy app integration Tyre Desk is a must have for all businesses offering deliveries or repairs.

Within the dashboard there are multiple modules which can be changed depending on your business and what is required. Tyre Desk comes with a mobile and tablet friendly app which feeds back to the database. Photographs and signatures can be collected digitally in the field without mountains of paperwork and this way nothing gets lost. All the information gathered in the field is compiled into the database on the dashboard meaning it is easy to keep track of everything and staff at HQ have all the information needed to run a smooth operation.

Our product offers the edge for those wanted to save time and money on paperwork and filing allowing a greater amount of attention to be done on the job rather than the paperwork. This unique software is perfect for businesses who offer 24/7 call outs for repairs as it allows onsite workers to have all the information they require for the job on their mobile phone or tablet. Jobs can be assigned from HQ during the day, then in the evenings and overnight, workers are able to pick up and accept jobs that come in. Our Tyre Desk app provides all the job information needed for repair call outs. Included in the standard Tyre Desk package are;

  • Unassigned Jobs
  • Complete Jobs
  • Rejected Jobs
  • Invoices
  • Records
  • Today's Jobs
  • Details
  • Location
  • Registration
  • Time of Request

PM IT Systems can create this interface specifically for your business and train staff on how to use it. We are available for support calls 9-5 Monday-Friday.

When a job has been completed such as a repair or tyre replacement, the app generates a PDF version of the paperwork form which can be kept for yours and the customers' records.

Tyre Desk is a flexible system that you can adapt to meet your business needs.

DeliveryDesk is another job management tool by PM IT. It offers you all the features need to run a delivery and collection service.

It will help streamline administrative elements of medium and large businesses. It provides your business with the ability to organise orders and collections from an app. Customers can place an order for delivery at any time using the app, while also placing a return or collection order if need be.

The dashboard shows administrators orders, collections and job progress. Upon collection or delivery, the system automatically generates a certificate for the audit trail.

DeliveryDesk has lots of useful features such as;

  • Image Capture
  • Signature upload
  • Order Placement
  • Collection Request
  • Delivery or Collection Certificate

DeliveryDesk is perfect for making delivery and collection services more efficient. It allows you to stay on top of job progress and monitor company performance.

Warehouse functionality is available for businesses who require it, saving time when it comes to menial administrative tasks such as generating pick lists and creating the most efficient routes through the warehouse. DeliveryDesk does this for you! Seamless integration with a mobile application allows smooth running of your business.


For DMH, we provided a management dashboard which allows job requests to be processed, allocated and tracked. Accessible worldwide and compatible with mobile and tablet apps.

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For AWP we created a more detailed version of a job management system. One which not only follows through the whole job progression, but also produces performance analysis, feedback, review analysis and financial reports.

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