Rossendale Group

We have worked closely with Rossendale Group, a lifting equipment specialist, over many years to continuously improve their workflow; helping them to grow as a business whilst keeping the management operation simple.

Out With The Old

As Rossendale Group grew in size, keeping track of thousands of paper certificates for hundreds of clients became too difficult a job to manage. Eventually they decided that in order to keep up with their ever increasing inventory of lifting equipment safety inspection certificates, they needed to digitise their business model. Enter PM IT Systems.

In With The New

After working with Rossendale's staff to gain a better understanding of their business, together we were able to build a complete management solution for their day to day work. From generating quotes for jobs, using mobile devices to capture their inspection results, all the way through to providing a digital portal for their customers to manage their own equipment certificates.


The first step in digitising Rossendale's job flow was to provide them with a way to input and store the data recorded from their safety inspections. In order to do this, we set up a website as a sub-domain from their existing site, based on the ASP.Net based DNN content management system. DNN allowed us the flexibility to create functionality for Rossendale in a modular fashion, extending their system as and when it was required.

The module that we created was dubbed SafeCert. This web based module allowed Rossendale's staff to create a complete inventory of their customer's equipment, making it simpler for them to organise future jobs based on existing data. In addition, they could now digitally store of all of their certificate results against the equipment, and output them in PDF format as and when they were required.

SafeCert logo

The Snowball Effect

After the immediate impact that the SafeCert module had on Rossendale's efficiency, the benefits of having a bespoke management system became apparent. Not long after we then collaborated to create a system for generating and managing their quotes for jobs. Over time Rossendale were able to manage all aspects of their business online, including client and staff management, report generation, job management and more. In addition to this, the web application provided a portal for client access to the SafeCert system, empowering their customers and giving them access to their own certificates at their leisure. Not only was the web application improving Rossendale's workflow, it was also providing a much needed service to their customers.

App Integration

Whilst most aspects of Rossendale's business were now flowing through the web application, their engineers still had to provide paper sheets with the results of their inspection to staff to then input the data. This process could definitely be improved upon and PM IT Systems had the solution. Rossendale's engineers are now equipped with IP68 rated tablets with a fully integrated Windows app, written by us, to record their inspection results and automatically push them back to SafeCert. Not only did this make it easier for the engineers to do their jobs, it also increased productivity of the office staff who no longer needed to key in the results.

The functionality of the SafeCert system was later extended even further to their customers by providing them with a client mobile application for either iOS or Android, that allowed them to scan the barcodes on their equipment and automatically retrieve the results of the equipment's last inspection. This tool empowered Rossendale's clients providing them convenient access to their data on whatever mobile device was suitable to them.

IOS Andoid

These few scenarios just go to show how much a company stands to benefit from a bespoke web application, and how much PM IT Systems can do for you.

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Years of experience helps us to provide the most effective solutions to complex requirements. Our robust team of engineers and programmers have a wide set of skills, helping us to tackle any issues our customers face.

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