LinkedIn and Team Viewer Hacked

LinkedIn and Team Viewer Hacked
Both LinkedIn and Team Viewer were part of recent hacking attacks. A hacking group called "OurMine Team" have been responsible for hacking vast amounts of LinkedIn emails and passwords. Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook) was one of those affected. These hackers showed no remorse when posting what they claimed to be Zuckerbergs' password. Team Viewer is a service we and a lot of our customers use in order to remotely access computers. During the course of last week many accounts were hacked and the credentials were used to drain both PayPal and bank accounts. 

As you can imagine, security is key in businesses like ourselves and also for personal use and there are ways to minimize the potential risks of this happening to your business in future. One way that we suggest is making use of a password manager. A password manager is a software application that helps users store and organize passwords so that you don't ever need to use the same credentials across more than one site. Many provide additional features such as password generation to ensure that your password will be difficult to crack, and also auto-filling logins to websites. 

One password manager that we would recommend is Keepass Password Safe. Keepass is open source and license free so it is available to anyone at no cost. All passwords are placed in one database which is locked with a master password so be sure to keep this password safe. 

We would also recommend checking whether you have been compromised in the latest data breaches. One way of checking is by visiting where you can check your various email addresses to find out whether or not it has been compromised in any common data breaches. 
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